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Objectives & Targets


  1. To establish and maintain the highest standard of Islamic practice in accordance with the teachings of the Holy Qur'an and Sunnah.
  2. To undertake Daw'ah, education, welfare and other Islamic activities.
  3. To strengthen Islamic unity and assist in the development of the Muslim community of New Zealand.
  4. To establish and foster good relationship with Muslim countries and International Muslim organisations and institutions.
  5. Promote and explain the message of Islam to the wider New Zealand community.


  1. The facilitation of a more efficient and equitable usage of the available human and material resources within the community
  2. The implementation of educational programmes and facilities targeting three main groups across both sexes:
    • Children & Young People.
    • Adults
    • New Muslims
  3. Adopting strategic Dawah methods for Muslims and non-Muslims
  4. Strengthen the Islamic unity within the Muslim communities through the formation of working councils as members within FIANZ
  5. Achieving financial self-sufficiency through business activities
  6. Strengthening and development of Muslim communities in the Pacific region